Broadcasting Group Romania.
A Romanian provider of web radio.

Our radio stations

Broadcasting Group Romania provides web radiostations all over the world, focussing on several targeting groups, based in Romania.
More than 76 per cent of the population listens to radio every day. Our stations are widely listened to, at whatever placed in the world.
Use all of the platforms of the connected web radiostations. Differently from traditional FM radio or DAB radio, web radio is more interactive.
Advertising on terrestrial radio can be costly. Webradio, however, is very cost effective. Combine several radiostations in your own pack and reach the different audiences you are looking for.

Start a campaign with a worldwide reach, or target to seperate countries. We listen carefully to your wishes and can even advise on how to set up your campaign. In this way, you profit from optimal recognition by listeners.

Start a campaign.
A big advantage of advertising on web radio: your audience is already online. They are on social media, they are listening to web radio and they are shopping. Use this knowledge to enlarge your brand recognition.